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Our Children, Staff and Classrooms
Our Children, Staff and Classrooms

We currently have 13 classes, ranging from Lower Nursery (Kindergarten) through to Senior 4 (first year of high school). Each class has between 15 and 50 students. Students mainly come from our immediate surrounding villages. Our teachers are all Ugandan, with the majority of them being native Bugungu from Buliisa District.

We are pioneering teaching our children to read and write in mother tongue (Lugungu), and as such, students on sponsorship have to enter school at the Nursery level to get a good foundation. Our current S4 students all began in Nursery. Students transition into English in upper primary, as the national examinations at P7 are in English.

Each year we are adding a new class of Lower Nursery children, and our other classes all progress a grade. In 2024 our eldest students are in S4.



Thank you! (Weebale)

Fausta joined us in 2017 as a nine year old. At that time she was not in school, and
walking across Uganda with her mother. Her mother was not well, and not in the
position to look after her properly, and at the request of local authorities, she was taken into care by Amari staff. She was put into our sponsorship programme, picked up English extremely quickly (the language of instruction for Upper Primary students in Uganda), and is shaping up to be one of Amari’s top academic performers in 2024. This has been made possible because of the very generous support of her sponsor family and others who support Amari. Weebale!

In the words of Gerry
In the words of Gerry

I like to go to school because I like to study. My favourite subject is Social Studies
because the topics are interesting and the teacher is good. At school I get breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I can stay in boarding which helps my study. In my free time I like to revise my books. I also like to play with my friends. I am in P7 this year, and will be completing my primary school. Thank you to my sponsor who has helped with my school fees which means I can study in school.

Meet Teacher Siver
Meet Teacher Siver

Teacher Silver is one of our longest serving teachers, and began working with Amari in 2015. He teaches the Lower Primary classes of P1, P2 and P3. Teacher Silver is veryadept at teaching in and teaching local language (Lugungu), which makes him ideally suited to this year level.

He loves working at Amari because he is working local to his home (he bikes in from Kajangi, a 20 minute bike ride away), work conditions are good, and Amari pays fairly and on time. He also appreciates that he is working with fellow Bugungu and has developed a good relationship with his co-workers.

Teacher Silver is married with two children, aged six and one.

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