Amari Co-Founder

So…I worked in Uganda on and off for 25 years, the last 14 with Amari, Buliisa. I come from a teaching background, and began as a homeschool teacher for missionary children of parents working in Buliisa and Kampala. I then worked for a couple of years as an administrator for an organisation with sites in Northern Uganda and Kampala. After a stint back in Australia, and some further study, I returned back to Uganda and co-founded Amari.

I’ve got a kid called Jaz (my special kiss from God), and a teenaged daughter I wasn’t aware I needed (Fausta). I’m part- time Mum to Gerry, ‘Madam’ to 50-odd staff, and the ‘she-who-can- be-easily-tapped’ food source to five dogs, three cats, and a little herd of cows (which actually basically belong to Jaz) Oh, and some cockroaches, and a few squillion ants …. but I don’t actually think of them as family!

I’ve traversed the road less travelled (both figuratively and literally) to end up here in Buliisa, rural Uganda. I’m a bit bemused about where life has taken me – but wouldn’t have it any other way! I love my quirky life. I love the Ugandans I live amongst.  And I love the One who has made us all different, yet equal.

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