Community and Medical Support

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Children's Medical Support

Amari has provided ongoing help and support to more than 50 children with medical needs to get to Kampala and other regional centres for assessment, treatment and surgery if necessary. We currently have about 15 children active on the programme.

Incidental costs such as transport and accommodation, as well as the cost of treatment and surgery, often put access to specialised medical care out of the reach of many people in Buliisa.

Amari has partnered with CORSUCUREMorning Star Foundation  in getting children assessed and treated. Amari covers transport, accommodation, food and other incidental costs, while our partner organisations provide treatment and surgery at a subsidized fee. The family or clan of the child are required to contribute a small amount towards transport costs.

Medical issues that we have assisted with include club feet, cleft palate, hydro-encephalitis, osteomyelitis, and heart disease.

We deeply appreciate our partners who donate specifically to our Children’s Medical Fund. It means we can, where feasible, offer assistance if a child in the community is referred to us on medical grounds.

Wider Community Support

Amari will assist, from time to time, with support for schools and individuals in the wider community. School related assistance in the past years has included helping with classroom repairs, installing lightning rods and donations towards school-related District events such as athletics and music competitions.

Assistance may be given to individuals for emergency relief and educational support. (In most cases, Amari will not provide the whole amount needed, but supplement what is raised by the family or community). Individual assistance in past years has included house repairs, food assistance, school materials and school fees assistance and transport to enable access to specialised medical services.

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